Duration: 20 minutes

Exercise Rounds Repetitions

Upright Rows 3 12
Shoulder Press
(Squeeze at the top)
3 12
Bent Over Row 3 12
Dumbbell Curls 3 12
Rear Delt Flies 3 12
Hammer Curls 3 12
Lateral Raises 3 12
Jumping Jacks 3 25
Pushups 3 10

Rest 30 Seconds and Repeat


If you have left over time hope on a bike and get a good cadence going for your remaining minutes.

When a workout says bicep curl you can get creative and do any kind of bicep curl just make sure you do a curl. This same statement goes with any movement as long as you are doing the movement you can try different machines and exercise.

Remember you can do the same workouts each week over and over and still have results… if it seems like it is getting easier which it will over time as your endurance and strength increase you can increase the weight, intensity, or repetitions. Quality over quantity is important.

Add this challenge on to the end of your workout … Can you do it 3 times…

3 pushups and 1 tuck jump
6 pushups and 2 tuck jumps
9 pushups and 3 tuck jumps
12 pushups and 4 tuck jumps