When I know I am going to have a day filled with back to back meetings with very few breaks in between I pack along a Quest bar (Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite flavor) for one of my meals.  I also pack along Mozzarella Sting Cheese and ¼ cup mixed nuts.  Both are convenient, easy to store, quiet and do not smell.

When I am headed to a girl’s game night or a movie night and I know there are going to be yummy temptations all around I will pack along a bag of Quest Protein Chips.  These are packed with plenty of protein, are crunchy, salty and really great tasting.  My favorite flavor is BBQ however, I still have not tried the Salt & Vinegar ones.  Another New snack I turn to for social outings is a few cups of Skinny Pop paired with a protein shake.  Both options are convenient that leave you satisfied during times when there are lots of temptations.

When I am traveling out of town I rely on the following packed with me: protein powder paired with an apple (hotels usually have these out for guests), nuts or Caveman Foods.  I also usually make a large patch of Pumpkin Protein Pancakes to take along with me.  Pancakes are easy cook, freeze great, easy to travel with and are also easy to pull out and eat anywhere.

Comment below and let me know your favorite snacks.

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Pumpkin Protein Pancakes Recipe