Adding community service to your life can help you find balance. Healthy Fit means finding balance spiritually, mentally and physically. I have never regretted donating time or money to good causes. If time and money are tight make sure to take time each day to think about all your blessings and pray for others. Here are a few of my favorite charities in the local area…”

memorial-364x428Abandoned Children’s Fund
(888) 884-0567
.98 allocated to the life saving programs
.02 to administrative costs
I like this organization because I believe solving problems with children will help solve many other problems in the world. You never know what skills a child can offer the world if they never have a chance to grow and develop them.
With your help, this organization can provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education and love to thousands of children worldwide. Another reason I like this organization is the administrative costs are low.  This means most of the money you donate will go to the cause.

Salvation Army
.82 cents of every dollar

The Salvation Army funds go directly to support community service programs. I have not only donated monetarily to this organization but have volunteered my time. Like many organizations this one is truly making a difference.  I have had the opportunity to  witness it firsthand.

dreamcenter-364x428Utah Dream Center

Established in 2002, Dream Center is a nonprofit organization providing opportunities for local communities to thrive.  The ultimate vision is to develop community centers that will holistically provide physical, educational and Christian programming to strategic neighborhoods throughout the state of Utah.

I have not only donated monetarily to this organization but have volunteered my time.  I really like this charity because a yard sale like environment is set-up in needy neighborhoods or apartment complexes.  Volunteers then knock on doors and invite the people residing in these areas to go through the items and take what they need at no cost.

Love-Soup-3-364x428Love Soup
WHO is Love Soup?  Love Soup is everyone who helps us cook, bake, chop, serve, clean up….all for the purpose of feeding those in need.

The goal of Love Soup is that no one in Ogden goes to bed hungry.  We know we probably can’t help everyone, but we will do all we can to help as many as we can.


Every Child Deserves a Playground
Every child deserves a playground! A father set-up this site to raise money for his daughter and wants to bring an ‘Accessible Playground’ to Weber County, UT. This has been a dream of his since the first day he brought his daughter to a park. This Charity is to help build a park for every child who cannot wheel through the sand, who cannot see the pictures on the playground, who cannot hold themselves up on a normal swing.   Everyone who donates will be recognized at the park! Thank you so much!