This is going to be a simple and quick review because this protein is great!  I always have a few different kinds of protein in the kitchen.  I like certain protein for specific reasons and use them for different things.  Some proteins I like for baking, drinking daily, making smoothies and even have found a perfect one I enjoy in the evening that helps prevent my snack tooth in the evening.

NLA for Her Chocolate Éclair is delicious and my go to protein in the evenings when I am having a dessert/sugary craving.   I so love this one for the evening because it is slightly thick but not too thick and has a hint of cinnamon!!! It is divine and perfect for the evenings because it is yummy, with a pudding texture and is very filling.

When I am feeling run down, feeling like I might be getting sick or know I have not been getting enough nutrients in my diet I will make a smoothie in the evening using this protein.  I will throw the following into a blender:  scoop of this protein, 4 or 5 ice cubes, ½ cup of milk and a small handful of spinach.  This protein has such a delicious taste and texture you will not even be able to taste the spinach.

Hope you found this review helpful.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and if you do purchase leave your honest feedback here for others.

Thank you for checking out this blog post.