Since I have been traveling so much and getting home late in the evenings because of the number of activities I have to do after work I decided it was time to invest in a travel size Bible.  This is the first thing I pack not the last.  I always think to myself if I have the mentality of packing the Bible last it’s as if I am saying I put God last if I have time for Him.

I do have the YouVersion Bible App on my phone and I use it every day for the “verse of the day” and I like the reading plans they offer.  I am still a fan of reading from pages and I enjoy the break from my brightly lit phone.

I do not just carry the bible around I do read it  … I do not just read it I try my best to live it… I have been doing a lot of reading from Romans lately.  Romans 12:9-21

Wanted to share different ways you can keep the Word close.  I know it is easy for me to put God last when life gets extremely busy so I am always trying to find ways to keep His Word close.