How many of you know what a Foam Roller is, have used a Foam Roller or own a Foam Roller?  Seems like most people have heard or have tried a Foam Roller but few know about the benefits or reasons behind the use of the Foam Roller.  I did a piece on Foam Rolling for an overseas website and I thought I would share the piece here on my website.  I myself have owned a Foam Roller since 2008 and keep it in my living room so anyone visiting can use it or while I am watching TV it is easily accessible.

Benefits of foam rolling

  • Helps remove movement restrictions.
  • Helps take care of our muscles, allows normal blood flow and restores healthy tissue which can aide in reducing injuries.
  • Releases pressures and aides in assisting the muscle to return to its normal function.
  • A wallet-friendly solution to work on knots, areas affected by stress or rigorous workouts.  Foam rolling is less expensive than routine massages.
  • You want to make sure you are your best self each time you gear up for physical activity.  If you have muscle restrictions you will not be able to give your all and could produce less results.   It is important for each part of your body to function properly and for your movement patterns to be normal.

Is foam rolling best for – men or women?

  • Foam Rolling is best for both men and women because both genders can take advantage of the benefits provided by foam rolling: reducing tightness and soreness, increasing flexibility and range of motion.

When should you foam roll?

  • You should use the foam roller for recovery at the end of the day or after an intense workout.  Combine foam rolling with traditional stretching.

How often should you foam roll?

  • Every day if possible or whenever you have 5 to 20 minutes to dedicate.

What are the best moves to perform?

  • To learn more about what foam rolling moves to preform and how to preform them use resources such as TRAIN magazine, or site or even YouTube. The best moves to preform are the:  upper back roll, lat roll, hamstring roll, IT band roll, groin roll, glute roll and calf roll.

What type of foam roller should you use?

  • Foam rollers differ in size, shape, foam type, and cost.  If possible it is best to try out the different varieties either at your local gym or a local store before buying.
  • For a beginner it would be best to choose a white foam roller.  Choose a medium, lightly colored foam roller for advanced core-stabilization or a medium amount of massage pressure.   Choose a black foam roller if you are experienced using a foam roller or desire hard pressure for self-massage.

Anything you wouldn’t expect from using a foam roller – any negatives?

  • Foam rolling can be painful in the beginning because tight muscles are pushed upon with your full body weight.

If you have questions be sure to leave a comment.