Digestive Enzymes – a serving with breakfast, lunch and dinner or just meals you feel are heavy

Our body needs enzymes to help breakdown down food, separate nutrients from waste and aide in the absorption of nutrients after breaking the food down.  The way we cook our food can destroy the natural enzymes contained within food.   I like to take enzymes to replace the ones lost from cooking my food.   Without enzymes our body’s digestive track has to work extremely hard to digest on its own without the enzymes which can lead to indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation or reflux.  I like to aid my body in the digestion since I am eating 6 meals a day.  I look for an enzyme product that has these 3 types of enzymes Amylase – digests carbohydrates.  Protease – digests proteins.  Lipase – digests fats.

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