Hope this article finds you well.  Sometimes getting back to the basics is the kick start you need to get things going or take things to the next level.  These are tips for everyone at any stage of living healthy fit.  It’s important to remember that no matter what age or skill level you are, these tips will apply.  So remember to keep these in your back pocket.  These are the first tips and advice that come to my mind when I first talk to people about the goals and struggles.    As you read be sure to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  Feel free to comment below with questions.

  1. Always! Always – remember it’s NEVER too late to start.  You can stop and start as many times as it takes in your lifetime but it is never too late to start.   Living Healthy fit is an “always and forever” lifestyle.  There are milestones along the way but no finish line.
  2. Slow and steady will win the race. Just keep moving forward and keep working at things a little at the time.  Some people can jump into a goal and change their current lifestyle 360 degrees in one day.  But some of us need time to work into a routine. We need to establish new habits and it takes time but, that is ok. Try incorporating 1 or 2 new goals a week or a month until the goals become habits.  The most important thing is to just keep moving forward toward your goal.
  3. I am sure you have heard this before but I cannot stress this enough and will continue to make this statement forever and always.   “80% of your healthy fit goals will come from a balanced diet – 20% will come from physical activity.”  Balance and moderation when it comes to what you eat or drink is essential. If you under eat you will not achieve your goals.  If you over eat you will not achieve your goals.  I have found it best to create a meal plan with options and have something to follow and keep me on track.  Here are two links with FREE plans to follow.
  4. You will never out train a poor diet – no matter how much time you spend in the gym, no matter how much cardio you do, if you do not have a balanced diet you will not see the expected results.
  5. Increase your water intake — can you get through 3 liters or 1 gallon of water daily?  My current goal is to get 128 oz. of water in a day.  Be sure to have water with you always: at work, in your car near on the counter at home.
  6. There is no need to eliminate dairy all together but reduce/moderate your intake.   Reducing your dairy consumption will normally help reduce inches in the midsection.
  7. Surround yourself with positivity, great resources and take time to get educated on subjects.   Make sure your goals are written down somewhere and setting weekly goals can be really helpful.   It is also helpful to tell those closest to you what you are trying to achieve so they can help by being supportive.
  8. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day even if you are not hungry.  Try drinking a protein shake, a smoothie or even eating a quick protein bar.  Remember when you wake up it is important to “break” your “fast” after sleeping and fire up your metabolism with some food.
  9. Clean out your house.  If something is unhealthy and tempting get rid of it and do not purchase it again.  If you have to purchase for the kids then purchase one at a time instead of stocking up.
  10. Do not go grocery shopping hungry.  When you get home prep what you can before putting it in the fridge. Pre-cook what you can so there are some main staples in the fridge or in the pantry ready to go and have some recipes picked out for the week.
  11. Keep a journal of the foods and liquids you intake each day.  Visually seeing what you are consuming can really put things into perspective.  Tracking calories can give you a true idea of what you are consuming each day and you can compare that to the amount of activity you are truly doing each day.  The more activity the more food you consume. The less activity you have in a day, the less food you should be consuming.
  12. Keep healthy snacks close by at all times.  Just like water, have healthy fit options close by in the car, at the office and in the home.  If they are close by you will be more likely to eat healthy.  I always have a snack or two in my purse.
  13. There are so many correct ways to go about achieving healthy fit goals but try to pick a plan and follow it consistently for a period of time.  So many people are consumed by all the advice they see and hear but never put anything to use before they move on to the newest and latest diet or program. Just be consistent and follow a plan.
  14. Last but not least have fun and be patient.  Remember living Healthy fit is an “always and forever” lifestyle.  There are milestones along the way but no true finish line.